Application to trade at WOMAD Festival 2024 are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. 

The deadline for trader applications is set for February 20th, 2024, at Midnight. Successful applicants will receive notification of acceptance by mid-March.

There are 7 categories:

Catering: For Traders selling food or drink of any kind

General Merchandise: For traders selling goods of any kind

Artisan Goods: For traders selling goods made by themselves, and who wish to trade in the Artisan tent.

Hand Made: For traders who have their own stall and wish to trade in the Arena, Campsite or Arboretum.

Therapist or treatment related: For anyone providing any kind of treatment or workshop.

Charity: For any registered charity to apply regardless of their operation

Other: For anyone not in the above categories, i.e. sponsor or workshop

We are looking for bright innovative stalls in all categories.

Trading Areas:

There are Four trading areas at WOMAD

Main Arena: Open from 10am – 3am Friday to Sunday, and 4pm to 3am on Thursday (No trading on Monday). Suitable for Catering, General Merchandise and Hand Made and Artisan goods.

Campsite: Open 24 hours from Thursday 8am – Monday 12 Noon. Suitable for Catering, General Merchandise, Handmade and Artisan goods

Arboretum: Open 24 hours from Thursday 8am to Monday 6am (no trading on Monday). Suitable for Therapists, Healers, Handmade and Artisan goods, and limited catering. No vehicles allowed in this area

Artisan Tent: Situated in the Main Arena Open Friday to Sunday 10am – 11pm Thursday 4pm – 10pm. This beautiful tent is used to house the very best of hand made and artisan goods. Each 3m space within the tent is priced at £630.00 Plus VAT and includes 2 x tickets, 2 x tables, and 2 x chairs, power and security. Limited availability.

Please ensure you indicate where you prefer to be situated on the application form.

All traders must arrive on site by 6pm Wednesday 24th July 2024.

All therapists will be located in the arboretum, and most catering and General Merchandise located in the Main Arena. There is some availability in the Campsite for traders although this is fairly restricted due to space.

All caterers will have one water connection included in their pitch fee.

All Pitch Fees will be subject to VAT.

Please take time to fill in the application form correctly taking particular note of your pitch width; the pitch depth should only be your stall and not any camping area you require.

Offers for a pitch will be sent out by the middle of March and will include the quantity of vehicle passes and tickets allocated.

Once you have accepted the offer, we will send out a form for you to fill out your power and water requirements.

Please follow the link below to apply to WOMAD festival 2024.

Any queries please contact

Trader's Application Form