We can’t wait to have all of you at Charlton Park! To make sure you have a safe and wonderful time at WOMAD we have extra facilities and some rules in our campsites.

Camping in the general or family campsites is free with a 4 or 3 day ticket.

People who have bought a WOMAD glamping experience can stay in the glamping campsite. No other tents are allowed in this area.

Accessible Camping
If you are disabled and require personal assistance, WOMAD has a designated disabled camping area with additional facilities to make your festival comfortable.

There are plenty of toilets on site, all emptied and cleaned regularly over the weekend by a dedicated hygiene team. We also have La Di Da Loos, for a little extra luxury, which is available in the camping area and the main arena.

Drinking Water
The many drinking water points are signposted around the campsites. It is useful to bring bottles to fill. There are also showers available.

Car Parks
Parking is included in weekend and day tickets. We keep cars and camping separate. However, the campsite is designed so that you are able to park within a reasonable distance from your tent.

Fires, BBQs & Gas

  • For everyone’s safety OPEN FIRES ARE BANNED everywhere. The campsite has fire exits and clearly marked Fire Towers to spot anyone in difficulty.
  • BBQs are also not allowed.
  • Gas canisters are permitted but may be no more than 5kg (different restrictions apply for live-in vehicles).
  • Camping stoves are permitted with bottles less than 5kg. They must only be used outside your tent.

There is a campers’ lockup at the Customer Care Centre. There is a charge of £1 per item. Please check with lockup staff for opening times. If you cycle to the festival you can also leave your bike at the Customer Care Centre. There is a charge of £1 per bike. Please bring your own bike locks.

Sound systems or amplified music are not allowed. If you spread noise pollution we reserve the right to confiscate your sound system. Please restrict drumming in the campsite to 8am – 8pm. Please take this seriously, our licence depends on it. We reserve the right to ask people persistently ignoring this to leave the festival.

There are plenty of bins around the site, clearly marked for different waste so that we can separate and manage recyclable waste offsite. Please separate your recycling to help.

Gazebos and Festival Shelters
If you wish to bring a gazebo or festival shelter to pitch alongside your tent you are permitted to do so, however please be mindful of other festival attendees and their space.

Tent Size
Due to the size of  our campsite is there is no limit to tent size, however, make sure you are giving other people space when you are pitching. If you are camping in a group and there isn’t adequate space for all of you, consider moving to a different spot so as not to be cramped together.

Live-in vehicle pitch
We generally say your live-in vehicle needs to be 7 meters long or less, any longer than this and we ask you to purchase a second live-in vehicle ticket. You are also permitted to pitch a small tent beside your live-in vehicle.

If you have any further questions please email

Please note we have made changes to Live In Vehicle ticket types this year.

Each live in vehicle ticket allows entry to ONE sleep-in vehicle (see guidelines below for definition of sleep-in vehicles). All persons sleeping in the live-in vehicle must hold a valid weekend ticket.

There are two Live In Vehicle ticket types available. 

Live In Vehicle tickets allows entry to ONE sleep-in vehicle (see guidelines below for definition of sleep-in vehicles) and does not include electrical hook up.

Electrical Hookup Live In Vehicle tickets allow entry to ONE sleep-in vehicle, and includes electrical hookup. Please note if you would like power, you will need to purchase this ticket. 

Please note if you have purchased a 3 day ticket you will not be allowed entry with your live-in vehicle until Friday, 8am.

Guidelines for the live-in vehicle fields:

  • If your vehicle does not adhere to the following rules you will not be allowed access into the live-in vehicle field.
  • Your live-in vehicle must have purpose-built fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities.
  • Any converted vehicles must clearly be live-in vehicles. (A van with a piece of foam cut to size for a bed and bucket for washing does not qualify). 19kg is the maximum size for Gas bottles and must be housed in a purpose-built storage cupboard.A team of campsite staff and security will check each vehicle’s live-in facilities. Those in unsuitable vehicles (including unconverted vans) with tickets for the live-in vehicle fields will be denied entry and asked to park in the festival car parks. Security patrols will not permit sleeping in any vehicle in these car parks.
  • There is space for one car to be parked beside the live-in vehicle if it requires towing. Any other member of your party arriving by car will need to park in the festival car parks. A trailer tent must be purpose-built and manufacturer made. All vehicles longer than 7 meters must purchase two campervan field tickets to cover the extra space required. The pitching of tents with camper vans is discouraged for safety reasons, however, if your group is too large to fit into your live-in vehicle, you may pitch one small two-person tent immediately beside the vehicle. The Live-In Vehicle Ticket charge is to help cover the costs of fire stewarding this area and ensuring that Health & Safety guidelines with regard to petrol containing vehicles are followed.

WOMAD has a selection of quirky camping options that will make your festival experience even more special. From pre-pitched tents with comfy mattresses and pillows at Camp WOMAD, to luxurious tipis, yurts and stylish vintage airstreams, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

WOMAD Glamping is a designated area with its own security, toilets and showers. Each camping option has it’s own reception located at the entrance to the glamping area.

Choose your glamping style from the options below:

Hearthworks Tipis and Yurts

Don’t fancy lugging all your stuff from the car park to the campsite? Make life a little easier with a Park & Camp ticket.

You need to purchase one ticket per car/space, not per person. This ticket will allow you to park one vehicle within 10 metres of your tent. Size of camping pitch will be 8m x 8m, one vehicle space is provided, sleep-in vehicles are not allowed in this area. Sleeping in your vehicle is not allowed.

Park and Camp Red - Accessed via Red Gate. Park and Camp RED is approximately 0.5km from the arena; about 10 – 15 minutes walk.

Park and Camp Meadow - Accessed via Purple Gate. Park and Camp Meadow is approximately 1km from the arena; about 15 – 20 minutes walk.